04:00 in life: to grasp is an opportunity, to miss is an obstacle

04:00 in life: to grasp is an opportunity, to miss is an obstacle

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there was a popular saying on the Internet: "there is no bad situation in the world, only people who are not good at dealing with the situation."

through half of his life, through triumph, but also through frustration;

has been awake and confused;

is sometimes alone, sometimes in the crowd.

the trend of life and fate are unpredictable, but it is up to us to decide what attitude we choose and how to deal with it.

in any situation, as long as you do the right thing, you are going uphill.



be complacent about horseshoe disease, it is difficult to stay awake in the highlight of life.

as soon as Gao Xiaosong won the Music Award, he ignored the top music critics and felt he was the best everywhere he went.

until he was arrested for drunk driving and spent six months in detention, he finally figured out: "it was so hot that I didn't know what to do at that time."

the more proud you are, the more people stare at you, the less you can indulge yourself. If you are too proud, you have to pay for it yourself.

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when you are lucky, don't be carried away, reflect on yourself in time, and avoid detours.

Zeng Guofan loved to be in the limelight in his early years, especially when he tried. When he went to the Imperial Academy, he often made rude remarks to others, but he soon realized the problem and reviewed himself in his diary every day.

I was going to study, but when I went out to play, he wrote down: "socializing is a little complicated";

giving advice on a friend's poem, but failing to tell the truth, he wrote: "how can you be a friend if you are unfaithful or unfaithful?"

said mean things, but also truthfully wrote: "the words are so sharp and boring."

his faults are the same. He wrote down the day before he died in his introspective diary.

now when it comes to Zeng Guofan, not only his political and literary achievements should not be underestimated, but also his humility and diligence have become a good quality of his label.

he once said: "only the word 'change and change' is reliable in all mortals."

the so-called change and correction refers to introspection.

when you encounter Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings), be sure to ask a little higher of yourself, reflect on yourself in time, and be more cautious in your words and deeds.

because this is the only source of respect for you and the only way you can gain a foothold.


empty when frustrated

in the documentary "7 years of Life", Nick, who was excellent in both moral and academic disciplines, sank step by step after failing in the Niujin exam.

dropped out of school to work, was absent-minded in everything, and ended up suffering from mental illness.

it's really scary to let frustrated sadness infiltrate into life.

when it's tough, don't rush down, slow down and empty your heart of pain.

there was a netizen who was always scolded at work, often subjected to personal attacks, and was so stressed that he resigned.

the day after she resigned, she threw away all the useless things at home, and then quietly looked at her old photos and didn't think about anything.

calm down, time is slow.

she only felt that the sadness in her head was dissipating little by little, replaced by peace of mind and peace of mind.

when those humiliating words came back to her mind, she didn't cry or complain to her friends. She just found a place to run, got some small cross-stitches, didn't touch the bitterness and let them evaporate.

when she recovered from her pain and found a new job, she stopped worrying about it.

everyone has a difficult time, either because of life, or because of work, study, love and so on.

as Yang Jiang said:

you don't have to be afraid, but only if you give yourself free time.

frustrated, we are physically and mentally exhausted and unable to move on, which does not mean that we will not recover, but that it is a good time for you to take a rest.

be quiet, slow down the pace of life, and find some happy little things, is to give yourself a chance to develop peace of mind and pave the way for the next stage.


Reading when confused

in the long life, we don't always know what we are going to do. when you are confused, read this book.

writer er Zhicheng wrote a story:

Hong Zhen-soo, a 33-year-old clerk, has just been transferred to the sales department and knows nothing.

until his good friend advised him to read, he foolishly made a plan for 33 books in 100 days.

books are getting harder and harder. Hong Zhen-soo even finds pleasure in sales and plans to read another 100 professional books.

his mind is gradually broadening, and his professional level is advancing by leaps and bounds.

once he shared his experience with his colleagues and talked eloquently about examples combined with professional knowledge, so that he suddenly became a celebrity of the company, and the chairman even asked him to open video lessons.

what I once dared not think about has become a reality by reading.

there is a question on Zhihu: "what should people do when they are confused?"

the respondent said, "the first reaction is to read."

she has been hesitant to do something after work since 19 years. For a long time, she has gained nothing but age and weight.

later, she began to read and read 70 books a year. She found herself obviously interested in writing and began to delve into it.

improve her writing, open her own official account, she accumulates to the first wave of fans, and her sideline is thriving.

German writer Hesse has a famous saying:

when you read, you upgrade the pattern and broaden your horizons, and you can clearly see which way and where it will lead.

if you lose your way, just read seriously, and they will take you to find the desire from the bottom of your heart.


Silence in groups

Mi Heng in the period of the three Kingdoms, who knew astronomy and geography, but loved to show off in front of people and often made people speechless.

Cao Cao hates him very much, civil and military officials, and there are even more people who hate him.

later, he made wild remarks and offended the Jiangxia warlord Huang Zu, who died at the age of 26.

in the crowd, people who are a little clever are more likely to show themselves and talk.

but the wise man of the big pattern knows that misfortune comes out of his mouth and has learned to be silent at the right time.

Feng Tang talked about a boss of the tea industry who studied tea thoroughly and could tell whether it was good or bad at a glance.

once when he went to a teahouse with his friends, the boss had a special talk in front of a group of people, saying that his tea came from fertile fields contracted in the countryside, and that his tea was all the best in tea.

he took a closer look at the tea, but it was so ordinary that it was not even good enough.

when he saw the boss coming up to him, the guests began to boast. He just smiled and didn't say a word.

people gather together, blindly flatter, belittle each other, pretend to understand, everywhere.

he, who is knowledgeable, seldom speaks, saving face every time.

slowly, his peers respected him steadily and kindly, competing to cooperate with him, and his business was booming.

in the crowd, falsehood leads to a loss of heart, boast is annoying, gossip causes trouble, and if you talk too much, you lose too much.

the greatest wisdom is to know how to be silent in order to be respected.

I like the English poet Shelley's sentence: "Water is noisy, deep water is silent."

when in a group, remember to keep your mouth shut and don't talk too much.

build a calm heart and keep silent in the noise, and you will have more wisdom and pattern.


in the Theory of Salt and Iron, it is said: "those who are wise change with time, and those who know change according to things."

there are no smart people or stupid people in the world. There are only people who make different choices under different circumstances.

if you conform to the trend, you will improve your spiritual practice and achieve yourself.

introspection when you are happy, you will be more awake;

empty when you are down, you will be more peaceful;

when you are confused, you will have a direction;

you will be silent in groups, and you will become a pattern.

as long as you choose the right thing, it's right all the time.