A really good family must begin with companionship, be stuck in education, and be loyal to the three values.

A really good family must begin with companionship, be stuck in education, and be loyal to the three values.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A family, even if it is in vain, as long as there is a father who is willing to accompany, a mother with correct values, and an atmosphere that attaches importance to education, it is the greatest blessing for children.


began to accompany

some time ago, Zhong Fangrong, a girl admitted to the archaeology department of Peking University, became popular.

stayed in the countryside for 18 years, and she was admitted to Peking University with the fourth place in liberal arts in Hunan Province (676 points).

but she, who spent less time with her parents, could not help sobbing in front of the camera:

even though she could not grow up with her parents since childhood, Zhong Fangrong fully understood her parents' difficulties and silently carried her parents' expectations of her.

however, how many Zhong Fangrong are there in the world?

Children like Zhong Fangrong are actually very rare. Most children who lack companionship will only have a deep estrangement from their parents.

I used to know a classmate. His parents went out to work when he was very young and left him to grow up with his grandparents.

spoiled by the older generation, he is very rebellious and often gets into trouble at school. He stops studying after graduating from junior high school.

I heard that later he fell out with his parents and would rather be out in the feng shui sun than go back to that home.

parents always yearn for family harmony and the success of their children, but if you are absent for a long time, why should you run a happy family and raise an excellent child?

far-sighted parents are willing to spend time with their children.

Zeng Guofan, one of the four famous officials in the late Qing Dynasty, succeeded in cultivating several generations of excellent children and grandchildren.

because no matter how busy he is, he will spend time with his children.

every morning, he gets up with his children to practice calligraphy, read books and clean the yard.

the child will also ask for guidance on what books he has read and what exercises he has written today.

it is precisely because of his father's personal company and guidance that all his sons are successful, one becoming a mathematician and the other a diplomat.

Today's parents, who doesn't give everything they have and want to leave the best to their children?

but often overlook a truth: spiritual enrichment is far more important than money!

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parents are the teachers of their children all their lives, and the companionship of parents is the education their children need most.

this companionship not only meets the emotional needs of children, but also imperceptibly lets children see who their parents are and who they want to be.

it is better to be poor and rich than to love, and it is better to preach and roar than to accompany. Real education must begin with companionship.


trapped in education

if you ask parents: do you want their children to be white-eyed wolves?

parents' answer must be: no.

however, many parents are unwittingly developing white-eyed wolves.

parents turn a blind eye to the first fight when their children go to school, and in the second fight, parents put the blame on the child who was beaten. Then there will be the third and fourth time. One day, the child's fist will fall on you.

A foreign student stabbed his mother nine times with a knife because his mother could not give him any money.

A 13-year-old boy killed his parents with a claw hammer and then fled to Dali.

A top student from Peking University killed his mother and hid his corpse because he hated his mother to control his life since he was a child.


habitual children are like killing children. Your indulgence and indulgence are a knife hanging over a child's head.

We all have to understand that no matter how much we love a child, we can't control him for the rest of his life.

while he is still young, discipline him well and let him know what rules are and what morality is.

otherwise, the increase of age will only make children more unscrupulous and ruthless.

parents can't let it go all the time, accept it, and cultivate a "giant baby" who can't be independent.

good children are controlled, while bear children are used to it.

the beloved son of parents is far-reaching.

truly good parents are willing to be "cruel" to their children.

Dong Qing said that when she was a child, she did not understand her father's harshness. In addition to reading books and reciting poems every day, she had to run in front of the whole school in the morning, could not often look in the mirror, and had to work as a cleaner in the hotel during the holidays.

not until she grew up did she understand her father's good intentions.

persisting in morning running is not only to give her a good physique, but also to exercise her ability to withstand different eyes;

to look less in the mirror is to make her care less about her external appearance and improve her inner body more;

cleaning is to experience the hardships of real life and learn to bear hardships and stand hard work.

Children are like a blank sheet of paper, and parents are the first authors.

only with control and education can children become talents.

educating their children well is the most important career for parents in their lives.



remember the 13-year-old boy who raped and killed a 10-year-old girl a year ago?

he forced to have sex with the girl. After encountering resistance, he beat the girl heavily and stabbed her nine times with a knife.

when the police knocked on his door with the blood, his mother was still wiping a lot of blood on the ground!

the son committed a heinous crime, but the mother just wanted to cover it up, so it was hard to imagine the indifference of her family.

what kind of parents, what kind of children.

so when the boy "shows off" his crime in the WeChat group, his parents are hiding the truth for him.

when the boy arrogantly emphasizes that he is a minor, his parents refuse to apologize and refuse to pay compensation.

LongshengDragon and Phoenix give birth to Phoenix, rats raise children to make holes, what kind of parents will raise what kind of children.

behind every bear child, there is a bear family, bear parents.

educationist Sukhomlinski once said:

what parents look like now determines the future of their children.

the correct education of the three values can lead the child to the right path.

when Dong Mingzhu taught her son, she always insisted that the child learn to bear hardships and stand hard work.

once, Dong Mingzhu, who came back from a business trip, wanted to pick up her son from school, but worried that it would encourage the child to keep up with the competition, so she turned around and went home.

that day, my son arrived half an hour later than usual. Dong Mingzhu asked why:

thanks to the diligence and frugality taught by his mother since childhood, his son has become more and more excellent and has long stood shoulder to shoulder with an outstanding mother.

the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie once said:

the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie once said:

May all children, under the guidance of their parents' correct values, precipitate the best wealth in life!