A soft heart is a disaster.

A soft heart is a disaster.

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I saw a question on the Internet: why do soft-hearted people always live so tired?

the highly praised answer is rather poignant:

"when someone looks at you, you feel distressed; when someone apologizes, you forgive."

always stand in the position of others and be led by other people's emotions. who is tired if you are not tired? " It is true that

as written in Lu Sheng Yan's knowledge:

"it is not easy for people who are too soft-hearted to be happy. If others hurt her or she hurts others, they will get sick in their hearts."

most of the time, we are the soft-hearted people in our work and life, always making compromises and giving in everything.

you don't know that you care too much about other people's feelings, and you are doomed to feel bad.


being soft-hearted is an unfair kindness.

in your life, you must have had this experience:

travel, acquaintances ask you to buy for you, and you hesitate to wait in line for a few hours and your luggage may be overweight.

but when I heard the other person's "please", the refusal came to the lips, but I couldn't say it.

obviously I am very busy, but I come across a colleague who asks you for help.

looking at the eager eyes on the other side, you have no choice but to accept it and stay for overtime with grievances.

when a friend asks you to borrow money, you look at the balance of your bank card. After brewing for half an hour, you finally summon up the courage to say that you can't turn around recently.

but he said, "if there was nothing I could do about it, I wouldn't be looking for you." as soon as you softened, you transferred the account immediately.

as the old saying goes, there are three taboos in life: first, there are three taboos to fight alone, two taboos are unguarded, and three taboos do not know how to refuse.

people who are soft-hearted feel guilty about refusing others.

they are always thinking of others, and even if they are reluctant to do so, they will finally convince themselves to agree.

once or twice is OK, for a long time, not only wronged themselves, but also may drag down life.

not long ago, I saw a reader's message backstage, and I was very impressed.

having just graduated, she finally got into the company she wanted, but now she is so tired that she wants to resign every day.

every day she is either asked to help sort out the data or ask her to make a form.

in spite of her reluctance, she immediately softened at the sight of difficulty or eagerness in her eyes.

once she had stomach trouble and was ready to go home to have a rest. Her colleagues rushed to pick someone up and asked her to help keep an eye on the client's feedback.

she tried to put up with her discomfort and stayed alone in the office until the wee hours of the morning.

seeing her talkative for a long time, the trivialities of helping to buy coffee and order meals fell on her.

someone even asked her to help revise the child's composition, on the grounds that "for the top students in the Chinese department, correcting the composition is not a trivial matter."

if you help a lot about other people's affairs, you will naturally pay less attention to your work.

watching the newlyweds grow up rapidly in the same period, she was severely criticized by her boss for her poor performance at the meeting, and there was no one around to speak for her.

she was aggrieved, but there was nothing she could do about it: "as the old saying goes, deep love is not longevity, but softness is a disease."

it is true that if you are too soft on others, you are cruel to yourself.

as Bai Yansong said:

"Why do people take you less and less seriously, because you are too talkative?"

if you ask for something, you will agree to it. If you ask for something, you will give it to you. "

soft-hearted people, it is always difficult to say "no" and accept all the requests around them.

if you are too humble, you will get used to it. If you don't get a thank you, you may become a laughingstock.

those who advance by an inch will feel that you are easy to bully.

always bears the title of "good old man". What he gives to others is the ocean, but what he leaves to himself is shackles.

others are comfortable, but they are often aggrieved and tortured.


too soft-hearted, I'm afraid there is no good reward.

I read a sentence on the Internet, which pierced my heart:

"those who are easy to get hurt are always those who are naive and soft-hearted. After all, it is easy to deceive and deceive. As soon as the scar is healed, you forget the pain. "

most soft-hearted people don't like to scramble, and when others play the bitter card, they can't stand it.

even if they are hurt, they will easily turn the story as long as the other person says "I'm sorry".

however, there is not much empathy in the world.

A lot of times, when a heart is too soft, it gives others a chance to keep hurting themselves.

in the hit drama Dear self not long ago, there was a clip that made people very angry.

under the arrangement of the company, Li Siyu and Master Yuan Huizhong need to lead their own teams to compete for the post of sales director.

although Yuan Huizhong has been employed for many years, his performance has been mediocre and his leadership ability has not been satisfactory.

as a gold medal salesman with excellent business ability, Li Siyu had great hope to attack this position.

unexpectedly, as soon as the notice came down, Yuan Huizhong staged a bitter drama in front of Li Siyu.

while crying that it was not easy for her to work for the company for more than a decade, she was saddened by her husband's infidelity and her son's rebellion.

in the end, he picked up the affection between the two people for many years and played the emotional card.

after listening to each other's tearful pouring out and selling miserably, Li Siyu's heart softened instantly.

since she has always attached great importance to emotion, she can't bear to compete with Yuan Huizhong, so she is determined to give up the opportunity and choose to run with her.

unexpectedly, Yuan Huizhong was ostensibly grateful for her kindness.Tearful, but ungrateful behind the back, small moves constantly.

not only poached the business elites around her, but also played dirty tricks frequently in order to grab the performance.

to make matters worse, she set up Li Siyu to falsely report false accounts, which nearly put her in jail.

in return for kindness, Li Siyu, who learned the truth, couldn't figure out what he did wrong.

finally, it was General Pan's words that woke her up:

"there is no need to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others." Mindless kindness is irresponsible to others, to yourself and to the company. "

there is a line in Journey to the West: "return kindness to others, but turn kindness into hatred."

as the old saying goes, "compassion brings many evils, and it is convenient to get out of obscenity."

the human heart twists and turns and the world overlaps.

it is true that there are many things in the world that return favors, but it is more common for a pair of enthusiasm to get a cold heart.

in life, you and I have more or less seen or experienced great enmity.

you hold a true heart, but others will only think you are "stupid".

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in the end, a soft heart without boundaries will only turn into a more bitter loss than Coptis chinensis.

those who are too soft-hearted may not be able to get a good return.