After reading it, you will never fight again! A secret to keep the family from quarrelling!

After reading it, you will never fight again! A secret to keep the family from quarrelling!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


I now tell you a joke. In fact, this is true, and it also teaches you how to get rid of this life in the world.

it is said that there are two left and right neighbors in the world, and the one on the left is noisy every day. Not only do couples and children quarrel with each other, but sometimes children quarrel with their parents.

there is so much noise that everyone is bored! And their next-door neighbor, the family is a loving parents, filial piety, is a very happy family.

the noisy left neighbor paid a special visit to the right neighbor one day:

"our family has quarreled so hard. Why are you so happy?" Not only did I not hear your noise, but I didn't even talk loudly. What's the secret? please teach us and change the troubles in our family. "

"it's really nothing! But if you want me to say it, I'll say it, that is, your family are all good people, and my family are all bad people! "

"what on earth does this mean?"

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"when your parents, children and brothers are together, you do all the wrong things and I do the right things. Your family thinks you are a good person, and it is someone else's fault when you do something wrong.

but in our family, I do everything wrong, you are not wrong, I am wrong, I am sorry! That's it. "

A person is not afraid of you doing something wrong. A man is not a sage. Who's not at fault? It's wrong. You have to admit it. If you are most afraid of not admitting your mistake, but also talking about other people's mistakes, not only will brothers quarrel, but even mother and daughter, father and son will quarrel.

the friendly family all said, "I'm a bad guy. I did everything wrong!" Do you think this is a bad guy?

the noisy one, they often say, "I'm a good man, and he did everything wrong!" Do you understand this philosophy?


for example, it seems that my brother put it on the edge of the table in the middle of a cup of tea. When the little brother touched it rudely, he knocked off the cup, broke it, and burned his hand.

my brother scolded him: "how did you break my cup?" The younger brother said, "Why don't you put the cup away?" The two got into a fight.

if the elder brother saw his younger brother break the cup, he said, "did this water burn you?" It's all my fault that I didn't set it up. "

my younger brother also said: "it was all my carelessness that broke the cup. I'm sorry!" Isn't it peaceful to say so?

everything has a cause and effect, and there is a cause and effect in the past:

if you blame others for being bad, they will also blame you; if you condemn yourself for doing something wrong, they will tolerate you for any fault. If you keep this concept in a good way, you will be at peace all over the world.


"Heart is Buddha, Buddha is heart".

calm yourself down first, do everything for yourself, and don't just blame others. This is real learning!

in the world, "admitting mistakes" is the most precious treasure in the world; it is the most annoying thing to do wrong without admitting it. Remember!

I give you this treasure today.

May everything be happy in your family!