Appreciating others is a kind of realm (profound)

Appreciating others is a kind of realm (profound)

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Bacon once said:

appreciating others is not only a virtue, but also a kind of grace.

people who do not know how to appreciate others only have their own prejudices;

A person who is good at appreciating others can gain the admiration of countless people with his own breadth of mind and bearing.

sometimes an inadvertent word of appreciation can bring a person back to life.


appreciation of others is the greatest respect for people

everyone in the world needs to appreciate.

appreciation is not only a kind of respect, but also a kind of encouragement and affirmation.

A tourist met a street singer near the railway station, whose singing melodiously attracted many passers-by.

at the end of the song, passers-by threw money into the jar, and then left. In a twinkling of an eye, the jar was half full.

but there is no happy expression on the singer's face.

the visitor wondered and asked, "I've made a lot of money, so why aren't you happy?"

"maybe he needs appreciation and applause." His friend said with a sigh.

the visitor's heart was touched, and she slowly raised her hand, began to applaud, and cast an appreciative look at the singer.

sure enough, the singer's weak face broke into a smile, and tears of gratitude flooded his eyes.

in fact, the singer expects appreciation and applause from others.

money is just a kind of merciful gift from above, while appreciation is the encouragement and appreciation of his choice and sincere recognition.

on the road of life, some people cry, some laugh, some people are in the mud, but still try to live.

We have given others help and rewards, but why can't we give others an appreciation?

perhaps, sometimes your effort is a lifesaver for others, and your praise is sometimes better than a daughter.

so don't be stingy with your "appreciation". The joy it brings to others may be everything.

as Sanmao said:

I hope I can become a warm person in the future.


learning to appreciate others is a skill

Confucius once said, "if three people walk, there must be my teacher."

everyone has his own advantages. In this world, you don't need a fussy mouth, you need an eye to find beauty.

people who appreciate others are more likely to see the beauty of life.

A person who really knows how to appreciate and can see the advantages of others must be humble and broad-minded.

because of appreciation, Xiao he had no regard for the depth of mountains and rivers, and he chased Han Xin under the moon, so he had Ling Yun's lofty ambition that rang through the nine days.

because of appreciation, Chollima did not only humiliate the hands of slaves, but also stood out.

because of appreciation, Zhong Ziqi and Boya became indelible friends, and the feeling of high mountains and rivers is immortal.

therefore, appreciating others is not only a kind of respect, but also a kind of skill.

while giving warmth and love to others, I have become a person with light in my heart.

as one writer said:

learn to appreciate others and give them a greeting and a smiling face, why worry about not having the happiness of life?


if you appreciate others, you will be appreciated by others

as the proverb goes:

in fact, everyone is a mirror, and people look at you the way you look at them.

to learn to appreciate others is to be kind to ourselves.

there was an experiment in which everyone was asked to write the name of the person they hated most, as well as the name of the person they liked best.

finally, the statistics found a very interesting rule: the people you like are often those who like you, and the people you hate are also those who hate you.

people are mutual. If you look at others with appreciation, they will also look at them with appreciation.

when you look at others with disdain, others will also look at others with disdain.

all things in the world come from their own heart, and the world will be different in the eyes of different people.

there is a scene in mind, and life is full of flowers; if the heart is barren, life is depression everywhere.

Life, one more appreciation, one more beauty.

this will bring you closer to each other and reap your sincerity and reward.

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A writer once said:

in life, each of us yearns for the appreciation of others, but often neglects to appreciate others.

in fact, only when you are alive and learn to appreciate others can you become the one to be appreciated.

it can bring us kindness and warmth, full of hope and expectation, and make our road wider and wider.


appreciation is not only pleasing to others and self-interest, but also a light in our lives.

We never know how much energy an appreciative eye and compliment can bring to others.

the sweetness you give to others will turn into warmth and hope, illuminating your way forward.