Blessing, not in the heart; fate, in the man is not in heaven! (good text in depth)

Blessing, not in the heart; fate, in the man is not in heaven! (good text in depth)

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Chapter 46 of the Book of morality says: "contentment is often enough."

Blessing is deep and shallow, it is all in the hearts of the people, not enough money is too little, and a bad house of contentment can be secure.

fate is good or bad, it's all up to you, and you can still disobey the iniquity done by heaven; if you do your own iniquity, don't live.

Life is actually a spiritual practice, the most important thing is to cultivate one's own heart.

fate is created by me, and happiness is sought by ourselves. only when we are satisfied and do good deeds, our fate will become better and better, and our blessings will accumulate more and more.


there is no way out of mind. Blessing comes from the mind

Chapter 49 of the moral Sutra says: "I am good if I am good, and I am also good if I am not good."

the so-called "blessing" is only the result of doing "good". People who are really wise know how to benefit others.

think of others, good people, I treat them, not good people, I can also be compassionate, this is the highest goodness.

before Lu Dongbin, one of the eight Immortals, became an immortal, he worshiped Zhongliquan as his teacher.

Zhong Liquan said to him:

your merit and good deeds are not yet complete. I will teach you the art of turning stone into gold to save the world and save people.

when three thousand merit and eight hundred good deeds are perfect, I will make you an immortal. "

Lu Dongbin was filled with joy, but he couldn't help asking, "will the gold that turns stone into gold turn back to stone?"

Zhong Liquan said, "three thousand years later, a stone will still be a stone."

Lu Dongbin said, "the disciples of this spell do not dare to learn!"

when Zhong Liquan asked why, Lu Dongbin said:

Zhong Liquan could not help exclaiming: "3,000 meritorious deeds and 800 good deeds. Once you have read the good deeds, you have completed your practice!"

so he was accepted as an apprentice, and Lu Dongbin lived up to his expectations and became a generation of Gao Xian.

"Taishang sensation" says: "the heart starts with the good, although the good has not done, and the good God has followed."

never underestimate the power of a good thought, which may bring you great blessings before you know it.

doing good is the joy of giving people roses with an afterscent in their hands; kindness in words is the silent delicacy of moistening things in the spring breeze and rain; and kindness of heart is the most inconspicuous but the most commendable virtue.

when you are alive, be kind-hearted.

there is always a time when a good deed is beyond its power, but a good heart is never infinite.

as the saying goes, Fukuda is the most blessed person in the world if he learns to plow the field in his heart.


there are frequent acts of Heaven, and my life is said in my

Dao Zang's "edict of Life": "my life is in me, not for Daye Tao."

those who are resigned to fate can only survive; only those who are really strong can control their destiny.

my life lies in my absence. Even if it is made into a furnace, it cannot be cast at will.

Zuo Zhuan records that during the Spring and Autumn period, Wei Night, the master of the Song Dynasty, looked at the stars and found that a great disaster would befall the king soon.

Zi Wei truthfully told the king, and the king asked him if he could resolve it.

Zi Wei said, "I can help you pass the disaster on to the Prime Minister."

the monarch said, "the operation of the state depends on the prime minister. This cannot be done."

Zi Wei said, "it's okay to pass it on to the people."

the king said, "it's too late to protect the people. How can you bear the disaster for me?"

Zi Wei said, "you can also blame this year's grain harvest."

the king said, "Food is the most important thing for the people. I can't do this. Let me bear the disaster alone."

after hearing this, Ziwei said happily: sure enough, when we looked at the celestial phenomena that night, the disaster star had left the State of Song, while Song Jinggong's reputation of benevolence and virtue remained in history forever.

in Chapter 7 of the Book of morality, it is said: "after the body, the body comes first, and the body exists outside the body."

A person who does not take his rise and fall, honor or disgrace too seriously, will be favored by fate.

there are two kinds of people whose fate can not stop. One is a person of great evil who, even if he starts with a good hand, will sooner or later be beaten to pieces by himself;

the other is a person of great goodness who will eventually be able to die even if there are thousands of hardships and dangers in life.

think about it carefully, the fate of life is actually your own choice. God only teaches students in accordance with their aptitude.

Don't use fate as an excuse. If you are a good man, God will fulfill it.

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Tai Shang said, "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, only people call themselves."

whether it is good or bad, you are inspired by yourself. if you expect the five blessings to come, you must first be a blessed person.

Destiny is not given by God, but by yourself. if you have many difficulties along the way, you might as well practice good karma; if you have no worries all your life, you should also keep the evening festival.

Life is nothing but living yourself, happiness, not in the heart; fate, in the human being is not in heaven!