"daughter, you mustn't get married casually," the mother gave her daughter this paragraph to see countless people cry.

"daughter, you mustn't get married casually," the mother gave her daughter this paragraph to see countless people cry.

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this is a message from a mother in Taiwan to her daughter, which has resonated with countless netizens on the Internet.

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maybe this is what you should tell every girl, not "you should get married when you are old" or "you can't get married if you don't get married". But:

if you can, don't get married casually.


I remember a TV play I saw before.

the female master got excellent grades when she was young and graduated from a famous university with a high scholarship.

but no one thought that she, who was determined to work hard for her career, chose to get married early.

I thought my mother would be happy, but her mother asked her, "Why do you want to get married?"

the mother, who has worked all her life for her family and children, knows better than anyone that her daughter has more important things to do than getting married.

if you get married just because you are old, you may not get a happy marriage, but you are likely to lose a better life that originally belongs to you.

Iranian woman writer Maga also mentioned a story of her own experience in her autobiography.

when she chose to get married on impulse, her mother tearfully said to her, "I want you to be independent, educated and meaningful, but you got married at the age of 21."

at this age, you should work hard, work hard to make money, make more friends, enjoy happy or sad love, see the wider world and do whatever you want.

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instead of casually becoming someone's wife, keep your dreams and goals together with your wedding dress in the corner forever.

you've never been married. You don't understand what marriage means to a person, especially a woman.


do you remember the question we discussed before?

one of the most impressive words is, "absolutely not. I thought I could escape the wind and rain by marrying him, but I didn't expect that he brought all the wind and rain."

I have to admit that marriage today is like a sanctuary for men and shackles for women.

because a man gets married, it's just one more person to love him and take care of him. For women, there is a big family to deal with.

from a girl with no fingers to an omnipotent housewife, you should quickly become an all-round housewife who takes care of a family.

you should quickly become a superhuman mother holding a baby in one hand and going to work in the other.

you have been spoiled and protected before marriage to become aged woman who has been disliked and blamed after marriage.


if the other person understands and understands you, then it may be worth it;

what if the other person is not understanding and considerate enough?

what if the man who said he would help you share before marriage changed his face and became a giant baby husband, and marriage became widowed marriage?

A Dream of covered Bridges says that when a woman makes a choice to marry and have children, in some ways her life begins, but in more ways, her life has stopped forever.

Marriage is a big gamble, which takes a lifetime to show. If you bet casually, you are doomed to fail.


there was a female colleague in the company who was over 30 and never got married.

when I talked to her, she said that at first her parents were anxious and arranged for her to go on a blind date every day. "but later, when they saw that those who got married early began to ask for divorce, they dared not rush me."

as written in the article, this is no longer the era of "slow drivers". "if you marry the wrong person, you will lose half your life."

for those who got married casually at first, the marriage was either going to get by with the ups and downs, or the painstaking support of being alone, and in the end it became a ripped-off world.

and those years of grievance and hardship caused by marrying the wrong person are irreparable and irreparable after all.

on the contrary, those who are cautious and cautious about marriage end up marrying love.

I remember reading the story of Li Fuchang before. The 60-year-old has kept a diary for his wife for more than 30 years, which is full of love for his wife.

he wrote, "in the best years of 24, she chose to marry me." he wrote, "Gaozawa Zhixiang has become firewood, rice, oil and salt, and she worked hard to raise two children for me." he wrote, "Today is my wife's 57th birthday. Happy birthday."

"the highest state of a man is to raise his wife as a daughter, while a man who doesn't love you uses you as a mother," Li said.

marry the wrong person, the price may be a lifetime, marry the right person, is tantamount to doing most of the right things in life.

Marriage business is not lost until you meet the right person.


Don't marry someone casually, wait for someone who is really worth spending the rest of your life with.

get married not because of your own face, not because your parents are satisfied, nor because of other people's gossip, but because you are certain that a person will not marry.

he is not narrow-minded, nor does he have an inexplicable bad temper. He is willing to spoil and protect you and listen to your boring nonsense.

he will also do things that make you laugh or cry, or even make you angry, but he has been trying to be your considerate husband and the mature father of your children.

after many years, he has been smoothed by the years and his face has been aged by time, butStill willing to hold your hand and smile and say it's good to marry you.

you should marry such a man.

before he showed up, he would rather not get married than get married casually.