Diligence, determine fate, virtue, change life

Diligence, determine fate, virtue, change life

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there is a saying in Tsinghua school motto: "continuous self-improvement, virtuous and virtuous."

if people want to live a good life, both diligence and virtue are indispensable.

to be a man, you should not only improve yourself, but also be virtuous.

through continuous efforts, diligent people can break through difficulties and change their lives. People with good virtues can have peace of mind and change their lives.

therefore, no matter what difficulties you encounter on the way of life, you must be diligent and virtuous. Only in this way can the road of life become smoother and better.


diligent people, good luck naturally comes

the enlightening book "three-character Sutra" says: "diligence makes meritorious deeds, but drama is not beneficial." To quit, you should try your best. "

this is a warning to children that if they want to live a good life, they must rely on their own diligence. Without the hard work of spring and summer, there will be no fruitful results in autumn.

Zuo Zhuan: "people's livelihood is diligent, but diligence is not the Chamber."

the so-called industry can make up for clumsiness, and heaven rewards hard work. The word "diligence" is the most about persistence. If a man is diligent, he will be prosperous; if he is diligent at home, his family will prosper.

at all times and all over the world, those who can achieve great things and make great achievements in society are all on the road full of thorns, constantly honing and struggling, and finally, making achievements.

A reporter interviewed Li Ka-shing and asked him about the secrets of his success. Li Ka-shing did not give a positive response at that time, but told a story.

Ichichi Hara, the "god of marketing" of Japan, was asked the same question at his 69-year-old Toastmasters.

Yuan Yiping did not give a direct answer, but took off his shoes and invited the questioner to the stage on the spot and let him touch his feet.

after touching it, the questioner was surprised to find that the callus on the original flat foot was very thick.

Yuan Yiping said to the questioner:

Things go better with our stunning mother of the bride fall dresses. There are all lengths and styles in our collection.

when Li Ka-shing finished telling the story, he said to the reporter:

Li Ka-shing earlier worked as a runner in a teahouse and carried a teapot for more than ten hours a day. Later, when I became a salesman, I still had to walk more than ten hours a day with a big bag on my back.

someone else does it for 8 hours, but he does it for 16 hours. There was no other way, because he knew that under the circumstances, he could only survive by diligence.

at the age of 11, he came to Hong Kong to settle down with others. When he lost his father at the age of 15, he began to drop out of school and work.

along the way, young Li Ka-shing was definitely not lucky.

but he didn't give up, but he became more diligent and clenched his teeth. No matter how hard it was, he kept on working. He went from wage earner to manager, from director of plastic factory to richest man. The two layers of calluses on the soles of his feet are the best illustration of his diligence.

as the saying goes, "God always favors those who are very diligent."

Li Ka-shing's career is getting better and better, and his luck becomes more and more prosperous. Under every change of the times, Li Ka-shing has seized the opportunity.

opportunities are often reserved for those who are prepared. Every time an opportunity comes, Li Ka-shing will be ready to meet it.

just like his watch, it is 10 minutes faster than the normal time, and a short period of ten minutes is a measure of his diligent life.

as Han Yu said:

opportunities are not accidental, but inevitable. Often, only diligent people can have more opportunities to achieve goals and enable people to achieve achievements.

diligence nourishes luck, so diligence is the inevitable shortcut to success.


people with good character have their own blessings

there is a saying:

there is no doubt that morality is the choice of human nature.

people with good character are kind-hearted and righteous, and are willing to lend a helping hand when others are in trouble.

therefore, blessings will come naturally to those with good character.

in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, it was called Yinxian in ancient times. There is a book called Yang Zichong in the county government. He is kind-hearted and upright.

on one occasion, a prisoner offended the county magistrate, who was so serious that he ordered the prisoners to be tortured.

Yang Zizhong, seeing this situation, interceded for the prisoner.

at that time, the county magistrate was very confused and asked, "this prisoner has done so many bad things that he has to make people angry."

Yang Zizhong kowtowed to the report and responded:

the court was also at fault, and the people lost confidence in the court, so it led to panic, and the common people broke the law, and the mistake was that no one could teach them in time.

and who should be most responsible for teaching? Parents. As a parent official in this place, a teacher of the people, and a disciple, you made mistakes because you did not educate him well. Although he has done something bad, he needs a heavy sentence, and you should pity him instead of getting angry with him.

after hearing this, the county magistrate thought it was reasonable, and then he stopped getting angry.

Yang Zi punishes his poor family, but he is a very virtuous man. after entering the Yamen, he is very compassionate to the prisoners.

when there is a shortage of food in prison and the prisoners are hungry, he will try his best to help them, like monks, to the rich to donate help, so that the prisoners can eat food and not go hungry.

on one occasion, several prisoners had no food, and although there was not much food in the family, he gave half of the relief to them.

not only that, Yang Zi is very upright. When someone asks him for help and gives him a gift, he will not accept it and act upright.

later, Yang Zi had two sons, most of whom grew up to become high-ranking officials, and even to the eldest grandson generation, they all became famous official families.

it is precisely because of his kindness and moral integrity that he can become a role model for his children and grandchildren, so that their families will prosper and their children and grandchildren will become better and better.

as the saying goes, "accumulate virtue"Although no one sees it, one knows how to do good. "

to be kind and virtuous is not to be known, but to grow silently is your blessing and virtue.

many times, when we do good deeds, we can not only help others, but also help ourselves.

every good deed you do has its blessings behind it.

as the New Book says, "those who love come back, and those who are blessed come back."


there is an impressive line in the movie "Nezha":

although we cannot choose where we come from, we can choose what kind of life we want to live.

Destiny will repay you in whatever form you take towards life.

Franklin said:

A hard-working and moral person, no matter how many problems life gives, he will bravely face and solve them, and will not complain about life or hurt others.

all good things are interlinked. Believe that diligence can determine fate, virtue, and change life.