Don't promise when you're happy, don't argue when you're angry, and don't be lazy when you're tired.

Don't promise when you're happy, don't argue when you're angry, and don't be lazy when you're tired.

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some people say:

people are different from each other, but on the way of growing up, almost everyone will encounter the same roadblock, that is emotion.

in this world, joy, anger, and fatigue are all natural senses, but don't let your whole life pay for your momentary mood.

manage your emotions before you can have a good life.


when you are happy, you are jubilant and happy, but what you agree to on impulse is often difficult to fulfill.

in the War of Love, there is such a story.

male and female guests are lovers who have been together for several years. Once, male guest Xiao Li went to the female guest Xiaoye's house for dinner. Everyone talked about daily life and planned for the future. The atmosphere was very happy.

Xiaoye's father was very upset because his car was a little old and did not meet the regulations, which led to the failure of the annual review.

Xiao Li, who was in high spirits at that time, opened his mouth and said, "it's small, simple. I'll take care of it for you."

after hearing this, Father Xiaoye gave the car keys to Xiao Li and asked him to drive the car.

but a month later, he didn't do it well, and two months later, he still didn't do it well. finally, under the repeated urging of leaflet, he had to admit that he could not do it.

Xiao Ye's family complained about Xiao Li because of this. They felt that he didn't take responsibility, and it didn't matter if it couldn't be done, but they shouldn't make random promises before and procrastinate again and again later.

Shirkro said:

Northwestern University has conducted a survey, and the conclusion shows that people's emotions in ecstasy tend to make people fall into a fixed pattern, resulting in deviation in judgment.

what you should do when you are in high spirits, you often lack careful consideration, and when you are happy, you feel that things are easy to do, but when you calm down, you find it is beyond your ability, and it is suddenly difficult to continue.

that sentence came true: "promise for a moment, then repent."

A true introverted person, never on a whim, makes light promises, not light promises, so he does not keep promises.

Xiao Xincheng, Da Xinli, do not get carried away when you are happy, and be cautious in your words and deeds with a normal heart, so as to avoid changes in sorrows and joys.


Don't argue when angry

there is a prime minister named Fu Bi in the Song Dynasty, who is famous for being good at debating.

one day, a poor scholar stopped Fu Bi in the street and said in a bad tone, "hearing that you are eloquent, dare you answer me a question?"

Fu Bi opened his mouth and asked him to come.

the scholar asked, "what will you do if someone scolds you?"

Fu Bi replied, "I will pretend not to hear."

after listening to this, the scholar looked at him contemptuously and scolded, "it's useless for you to be familiar with the four Books and five Classics, but you're just a tortoise!"

Fu Bi was not shy and annoyed and ignored it.

the scholar felt so boring that he brushed his sleeves and left.

Fu Bi's servant was angry: "this man is too rude. Why don't you refute him?"

Fu Bi replied, "this man obviously came with anger. If I argue with him, I must be red in the face. Even if I win him, I will be unconvinced. Since it is futile, why should I argue with him?"

the poet Rand once said:

in this world, not all fish live in the same sea, and not all people look up and see the same starry sky.

River fish cannot understand "the sea breeze blows the waterfall", and the sea fish cannot understand "the river bank retreats slightly". Since this is the case, there is no need to argue.

I have read a short story:

A boy often quarrels with the big people because of trifles, his mouth is not selective, his words are sharp, and his friends do not like to get along with him.

his father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he quarreled with someone angrily, he would hammer a nail into the wall in the backyard and pull it out when he was not angry.

the boy did as he was told, and soon there was a row of small holes in the wall. The father took the boy to the wall and asked the boy to tell him the source of the first hole in the wall.

the boy can't even remember who he had an argument with.

Father said:

as the old saying goes, "good words keep warm in three winters, while bad words hurt people in June."

in a rage, the mood goes straight to my head, both sides are full of flame, you speak harshly, I fight with each other.

in the end, although he was happy for a while, he often hurt others and angered himself.

A person quarrels with others when he is angry, usually things get bigger and louder, and finally get out of control, and the result is counterproductive.

not arguing when angry is the wisdom of dealing with the world.


do not slack when tired

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "there is no beginning, but fresh grams have an end."

in this world, there are many people who dare to start, but few can persist for years.

A few years ago, I met a girl who was learning to draw and talked about learning to draw.

she said, "painting is kung fu on the hand. You have to practice it all the time."

she began to learn to draw at the age of 10. She spent all her winter vacation, summer vacation and weekend in the training class. Her ambition was to prepare for the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

starting from this year, she insists on getting up at 5 o'clock every morning, so that she can practice for an extra 2 hours every day.

I asked her if she could get up.

she said:

"the first few days were fine, and then the alarm went off every day, and I wanted to sleep forever.

but when I close my eyes, I think, I won't get up today.If you practice two hours less, you may lose a detail, so no matter how tired you are, you still force yourself to get up. "

sometimes, she would think that she might as well not afford it today and make up for it in two days, but she finally put up with it, because if she didn't paint for one day, the teacher would know for three days, and everyone knew if she didn't draw for a month.

later, in the moments, I saw that she was successfully admitted to her favorite university.

Roman Roland said:

"there is only one true heroism in the world, which is to still love life after knowing the truth of life."

success is just a little more persistence when people are tired, and failure is often less tenacious when it is time to persist.

tiredness is the normal state of life. If you don't give up, there will be spring blossoms.

Adults are uncomfortable, comfortable and non-adult, and they are as cautious as the beginning, then they are always obedient, and often work in vain.

when you are tired, you will not be lazy until you get tired.

in the final analysis, life is like a road, hard all the way, scenic all the way.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent short lace dress with sleeves for wedding. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.


Gu Xiuquan said:

do not make random promises when you are happy, do not fight for the long and the short when you are angry, and do not have a beginning without an end when you are tired.

in this time-lapse world, we will eventually be mature adults, controlling our emotions to do what we should do, rather than just doing what we like.

if the day is coffee in a cup, then the good mood is sugar. Whether the coffee is bitter or not depends on how much sugar is added.

not trapped in love, not confused in the heart, not because of emotional entrapment, and do things and deal with the world at will.

keep the introversion of joy but not promise, the reason of anger but not struggle, and the perseverance of tiredness and perseverance, can we live a natural and comfortable life in the world where people come and go.