Huawei postdoctoral workstation has been set up with a minimum annual salary of 500000

Huawei postdoctoral workstation has been set up with a minimum annual salary of 500000

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A few days ago, the news that "Huawei Beijing postdoctoral workstation was officially established" caused heated discussion among netizens.

according to people familiar with the matter, Huawei offered at least 500000 of the salary to the incoming postdoctoral staff, which is extremely attractive.

in fact, in recent years, it is not uncommon for major enterprises to recruit talents with high salaries.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said at the EMT conference in June 2019 that Huawei will recruit 20-30 talented teenagers from around the world this year and 200,300 talented teenagers from around the world next year.

in July of the same year, Huawei published an internal article on the annual salary plan for eight top students, all of whom are top students of the class of 2019, with a minimum annual salary of 896000 yuan and a maximum annual salary of 2.01 million yuan.

some netizens commented with envy: "the income of these young people a year after graduation is almost my lifetime income."

in addition to Huawei, other enterprises are not to be outdone and retain talent in various ways.

Gree Enterprises recruit talents and increase employees' sense of belonging by allocating rooms for outstanding employees.

Tencent Enterprises distribute year-end bonuses of 3 to 6 months' salary to employees, departments with good performance, its employees can even get 24 to 48 months' salary as year-end bonus.

when you see this piece of news, don't rush to envy other people's high salaries, take a look at the resumes behind these talents.

take these PhDs stationed in Huawei, for example, they not only have to graduate from the top universities in China, but also require them to have outstanding scientific research achievements at the stage of their studies.

you see, how fair this era is, if you have the ability, the market will give you a high return.

if you are gold, you are not afraid of a day without light.

it is a pity that many people only see these "young geniuses" with high annual salaries, but they do not see them studying hard behind the cold window for 20 years and giving silently, so they blame all their failures on the injustice of the world and life is too hard.

as the old saying goes, life is doomed for three minutes and seven points by hard work.

when you try so hard that there is nothing you can do, you realize that if you force yourself or not, you are living two lives.


there is no special talent, but it is made into steel

do you remember Zhang Jing, a doctoral graduate who was selected into Huawei's "Young Genius" program?

as soon as he graduated, Huawei offered a high salary of 2.01 million to recruit him into the company.

but who would have thought that Zhang Xun is not a so-called "genius"? At that time, it was through a year of repetition that he was admitted to Wuchang University of Technology. At that time, Wuchang Institute of Technology was only a secondary school.

although she failed in the college entrance examination, Zhang did not give up. Instead, she was admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology and graduated with honors after repeating, taking the postgraduate entrance examination, and taking the doctoral examination all the way.

do you remember Lang Lang, the pianist who sparkled on the world stage at the age of 11?

as a "piano genius", Lang Lang won the first prize in the Tchaikovsky International Young musicians Competition at the age of 13.

the New York Post also published the largest front page in history under the title "NO.1 Piano Man", telling the legendary life story of Lang Lang.

but you only see Lang Lang's talent. Have you ever seen the efforts behind him?

A copy of Lang Lang's 7-year-old piano practice schedule was posted on the Internet:

in the morning: get up at 5:45, practice for an hour, and go to school at 7:00;

noon: go home for dinner for 15 minutes and practice for 45 minutes;

in the evening: practice the piano for two hours after school, then have dinner, and then practice for two hours after supper to do homework.

practice the piano for nearly 6 hours a day. If you encounter holidays and winter and summer vacations, the practice time will be doubled without interruption.

you see, there is no special talent in this world, but it is only made into steel.

you have to work very hard to look effortless.

so, son, everyone's talent may be different, but talent is by no means the key factor determining a person's success or failure.

No matter how talented it is, no matter how talented it is.

in the face of effort, talent is not really important.


Please force yourself to be excellent, and then live proudly

some time ago, People's Daily reported on a college graduate named Wei Kailun.

when she was a child, Wei Kailun, who lived in the depths of the mountains in Gansu, had extremely difficult family conditions.

in order to get out of the mountains, Wei Kailun rides a dilapidated bike over several mountains to study every day.

throughout his youth, he was either reading or on the way to reading, without any entertainment.

in 2016, Wei Kailun was admitted to the University of Defense Science and Technology with a high score of 620.

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on the day he received the admission letter, he was moving bricks to support his family.

when he learned that he had been accepted, Wei Kailun could not restrain her joy and shouted to Dashan, "Shan, Shan, I'm going out!"

time flies, and it has reached 2020 in a twinkling of an eye.

in July this year, Wei Kailun graduated from the University of National Defense Science and Technology and became an officer with the second place in her major.

he will never have to go back to the closed mountain or live a life facing the loess.

if you ask, is Wei Kailun's life bitter?

of course bitter. A teenager is the most youthful age, but Wei Kailun's youthIt's lonely and boring.

however, without pushing himself when he was young, Wei Kailun might have to go back to the impassable mountain and repeat the difficult fate of his parents.

so, son, you have to believe that all the gifts of fate are secretly priced.

A lot of times, if you don't push yourself, life will force you back.

you push yourself, just for a while, while life forces you for a lifetime.

I still remember that a few years ago, a netizen exposed a diary in the local forum in Yulin.

the protagonist of the diary is Li Julan, a rural girl. After graduating from junior high school, Li Ju-lan and her classmates went to Guangdong to work to earn money.

they settled in an electronics factory in Dongguan, doing simple and repetitive work on the assembly line.

not long after the time passed, Li Ju-lan collapsed. The work in the electronics factory is boring and boring. I work more than 12 hours a day. I get up at 06:30 in the morning and can't go to bed until after 12:00 in the evening.

not to mention long working hours, the intensity is also high. During the working period, Li Ju-lan even had to ask someone to take her place when she went to the toilet, so she couldn't be lazy for a minute.

it was not until then that Li Julan missed the time when she went to school, even the "whole head teacher" who often punished her.

at the end of the diary, the girl read a heartbreaking sentence: "I don't want to work, I want to go home to school."

Li Julan's experience has resonated with many netizens. Many people said that when they were at school, they always thought it was too hard to study and wanted to go out to work. I didn't know until I came out to work that the easiest way was to study hard.

it turns out that compared with the bitterness of life, the bitterness of reading is really nothing.

so, son, I hope you can understand that the knowledge and skills you have learned will become your armor against life.

you know, life is long, but the key is only a few years.

push yourself, it will be bitter, but it's not too hard.

the real pain is being choked by life and unable to move.


kids, don't wait to grow up.

blame your parents for not forcing you

do you remember the classic family sitcom "Family with Children" a long time ago? In the play, the conversation between Liu Xing and his mother Liu Mei is impressive.

Liu Xing complained to Xiaoyu that his mother did not sign up for her interest class when she was a child. And Liu Mei said aggrieved: "I have also signed you up for this class and that class. I want you to learn, but you don't learn it yourself!"

Liu Xing replied, "I was young at that time. I didn't know anything yet, didn't you?" You should have taught me and forced me from an early age. "

Liu Mei was speechless for a moment.

in fact, are there few people who think like Liu Xing?

when many adults see that other people have talents of one kind or another, or when they are admitted to prestigious universities and take high-paying jobs, they also have a trace of complaint in their hearts:

if only my parents could force me to do something when I didn't study hard and work hard.

you see, parents who seem ruthless and seem to force their children all day are often far-sighted parents.

don't they care about their children? It's not. It's just that the parents' beloved son must plan for them far-reaching.

the reason why parents are "unkind" is that they are afraid that you will choose comfort at the best age, but you will have to make up for it for the rest of your life.

so, children, please don't complain that your parents are too "ruthless". When you are young and your self-control is not strong enough, your parents force you to push you on the right path.

parents, who is not deeply in love, while "cruel", while loving the child, while "forcing" the child.

I hope that this "ruthlessness" can make the child be treated gently by the world and be more understood by the child.


two days a day, you may not see the gap between you, but one year or two years, ten years or eight years.

it is quite possible that you will live a different life for the rest of your lives.

so, please believe that if you force yourself or not, you will lead a different life.

on the road of life, you always have to push yourself in order to meet a better self.

encourage it.