If a person is too kind...

If a person is too kind...

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some people say that the indifference of this world begins with the broken hearts of kind people.

in this world, not all goodness is treated gently.

some people are not born enthusiastic, but are forced to look passionate by kindness.

think about whether you are living a life like this:

when others ask for your help, you say yes;

when others make you angry, you forgive as soon as you apologize;

you pay more attention to other people's things than your own.

when you are in trouble, very few people lend a helping hand.

you try so hard to please everyone around you, but you don't realize that your wholehearted efforts do not bring you closer:

your efforts will only be taken for granted;

your good temper will only be taken as obedient;

sometimes your enthusiasm can not be exchanged for sincerity.

once you stop being kind to them, they will not appreciate your kindness, but will only resent your indifference.

all you know is to be thorough, don't want to hurt anyone, don't want to cause trouble to others.

but I don't know that if you are too kind, you will lack of heart. If you give way too much, you will become weak.


heard a story:

there was a little white rabbit who didn't like carrots, so every time she sent carrots to her deskmate, she gave them to her deskmate.

at first, the little black rabbit expressed his gratitude, but over time, he got used to eating the rabbit's carrots every day.

until one day, the little black rabbit saw that the little white rabbit had given the carrot to the sika deer and angrily questioned the little white rabbit:

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the little white rabbit said in surprise:

that carrot is mine. You only saw that I gave him a carrot, but you didn't know that he also gave me a carrot, but you gave me nothing.

you rarely help someone once, and people don't necessarily appreciate that you are a good person.

but if you help him nine times, you will lose the right to refuse.

because as long as you don't help once, you become a villain.

once some people get used to your help, they can't accept that you stop giving.

A little disagreement is enough to overturn all your previous goodwill.

if you are polite to others, they think you have no temper.

therefore, kindness must have a yardstick. There is a limit to tolerance.


Social reality, people are complex, it is not easy to keep kind all the time.

such a person with a good character and a good heart should have been cherished.

but there are always more people in the world who take advantage of your kindness than those who love you foolishly.

there is a line in the movie "Godfather":

put up with it for a while, it may not be able to get calm, maybe it will take an inch.

if you take a step back, you may not be able to see the vast sky. Perhaps you may fall into the abyss

goodness without edges and corners, which can not convey your goodwill to the world, but convey your timidity.

although a kind and transparent heart can make our life brighter. But we must also know how to arm this heart so that it will not suffer or be frightened.

it depends on who is right to pay. To help others depends on your ability.

when you learn to refuse and show anger, others will know where your boundaries are and have scruples about you.

as Yu Hua said:

May you be kind, keep warm and warm to the people around you.

May you be kind, too, and don't frostbite yourself just because you've given it to others.