No matter who you associate with, keep these 15 pieces of advice in mind

No matter who you associate with, keep these 15 pieces of advice in mind

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does not readily agree, that is, when you politely refuse to ask for help

, if the other person does not readily agree, it is actually unwilling, just embarrassed to refuse directly, or has not figured out an excuse to refuse you yet.

at this time, leave quickly and be good friends in the future.

if you have to keep entangling, you may not even be able to make friends in the end.


try to do what others promise

listen to what others promise

between friends, credit is very important.

Don't agree to other people's requests easily. Once you have agreed, try to do it.

but let's not expect too much of what others promise, just listen, or we will be disappointed.

after all, we can only ask ourselves, not others.


when others don't say treat, they should take the initiative to AA

when having dinner together. If other people don't say treat, they should take the initiative to AA. This is the most basic upbringing of life.

Friendship is friendship, money is money, the two should not be confused.

Don't take a penny of what you shouldn't take; don't lose a penny of what you should pay yourself.

otherwise you just had a meal and ended up being pulled into the blacklist silently.


people who haven't answered your messages three times in a row

don't bother

if a person often doesn't reply to you for no reason, it's not because he's busy, it's not because he forgets, it's just because you're not that important to him.

you can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep, and you can never warm a heart that doesn't care about you.

instead of waiting for a fruitless reply, it is better to leave each other alone.


to speak is to make people comfortable

not embarrassing

some people speak without thinking, like to make random jokes, say things out of line, and think they are humorous.

remember, if your "humor" makes people uncomfortable, it's just a simple mouth deficiency.

Don't regard mean and poisonous tongue as clever, don't regard open mouth as frank, let alone regard ill-breeding as true temperament.

if you really don't know what to say, shut up.


if others don't want to say, don't ask

one thing. If you ask someone once and the other person is vague or hesitant, don't ask, because he doesn't want to tell you at all.

if you still have the nerve to keep asking questions, you will not only be uncomfortable with others, but also ask for yourself.

Don't invade other people's privacy in the name of concern, just to satisfy your own curiosity.

Don't ask what you shouldn't ask, don't worry about what you shouldn't care about, leave a little space for each other, is the best concern.


if you can live a lovely life, don't live a jealous life

some people say that once showing off in front of a friend weakens your relationship.

just like some people always like to show off in front of their friends, they can show off big things like sesame seeds and mung beans, the subtext is that I am better off than you.

this is a very low behavior, not only can not get the sincere blessing of friends, but is easy to cause jealousy or disgust.

as long as you know your happiness, don't use it as a prop to set off other people's misfortune.


Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone

the relationship between people is constantly changing, and you never know where you really are in the other person's heart.

so, when asking for help, you'd better be polite and don't take it for granted.

at the same time, be prepared to be rejected.

after all, it is obligatory for others to help you, it is their duty not to help you, and no one has the obligation to cover for you.


Don't make any decisions for your friends

No matter how good the relationship is, you are completely independent.

everyone has their own ideas and style of doing things. As a friend, you can give suggestions kindly, but don't be a teacher, let alone make any decisions for your friends.

that's his life, not yours.


Don't treat your colleagues as friends

colleagues are colleagues. It's normal for some colleagues not to get along, so there's no need to be friends.

have a few more conversations, stay away if you can't, be polite, keep three points, and pay more attention to your work.

remember, you are here to work, not to make friends.

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it is better to say ugly things first than to leave troubles behind

as the old saying goes, "brothers get even", let alone friends.

many friends can share weal and woe, but they cannot share wealth. It is because they do not make a clear distinction between their interests at the beginning, which leads to bitter feelings later.

when working with people, it is most taboo to refuse to talk to your face and feel uncomfortable behind you.

at this time, you might as well open up and explain each other's inputs, benefits, and risks, leaving no room for ambiguity, and there will naturally be a lot less trouble in the future.


quarrel, don't say bad words, break up friendship

sometimes, the better the relationship, the more hurtful it is to speak, because he knows exactly where your pain point is.

but as soon as the words are spoken, many years of friendship are almost over.

remember, no matter how angry you are, you have to hold back the one who hurts the most.In a word, don't let friendship become a hurtful sword.

if you really don't want to have anything to do with someone, just stay away quietly. You don't have to make a fuss and save some dignity for each other.


A friend of a friend has nothing to do with you.

some people often have a misunderstanding that a friend of a friend is their own friend, so they indiscriminately get familiar with them, get close to them, and even ask them for help.

Friendship is an one-to-one emotion, not something that can be shared.

A friend of a friend has nothing to do with you.


take the initiative to keep a distance between you and your friend

there is a saying that "fire prevention, burglary and guard against girlfriends" is a joke, but it is meaningful.

those who get too close to a friend's partner are either stupid or bad.

as the old saying goes, as a friend, you should take the initiative to avoid suspicion, avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions, and affect their feelings.

I really hope my friends are good, and a blessing from a distance is enough.


networking is not how many people you know

, but how many people want from you

is essentially an exchange of interests.

the more valuable you are, the more people will want to know you, and the wider the so-called "connections" will be.

No matter how eloquent and sociable you are, if you don't have enough hard power, others may not really think highly of you.

only if you are strong enough to exchange resources with others, the "network" will come uninvited.