People's Daily: what destroys your health are the ten "good habits" that everyone believes to be true.

People's Daily: what destroys your health are the ten "good habits" that everyone believes to be true.

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with the development of the times, our material life is extremely rich, and more and more friends begin to pay attention to health preservation, which is originally a good thing, but they are afraid to mistake the bad habit of health care as a good habit of health preservation.

Wang Longde, former vice minister of health and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, reminds you that the following ten "good habits" are unwittingly destroying your health.


misunderstanding that one fruit can be eaten but not eaten

Wang Longde: Chinese people, especially men, often eat fruit on the low side.

many people think that fruit is a snack, which can be eaten or not. In fact, fruits contain minerals that are essential to the body but cannot be synthesized by themselves, vitamins that have strong antioxidant effects and prevent cell aging, and soluble fiber pectin, which can significantly reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

it is suggested that "eat fruit first" instead of "eat fruit first".

putting fruit before meals can ensure rapid digestion, effectively help control calories and supplement dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements.

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misunderstanding that high blood fat can not eat egg yolk

Wang Longde: cholesterol is necessary to maintain normal metabolism, 80% of cholesterol is endogenous, and only 20% is exogenous from food.

eggs contain a lot of lecithin, which is a substance to maintain memory and thinking. if you don't eat eggs or egg whites or yolks, you will lose a lot of essential nutrients.

eating an egg a day is a very healthy lifestyle.


misunderstanding: it doesn't matter if you eat too much vegetable oil

Wang Longde: many people think that vegetable oil is different from animal oil, cholesterol is not so high, it's okay to eat more.

but what we don't know is that

vegetable oil is very high in calories, and vegetable oil of the same weight provides more than twice as many calories as pork and four times as much as eel.

eating too much vegetable oil is also very harmful, such as eating 5 grams of oil a day without being consumed, and gaining 20 jin after 10 years.

in the pagoda of balanced diet recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Association, oil is at the top and should not exceed 25 grams (half a tael) a day.


misconception: if you are not fat or thin, you do not need exercise

Wang Longde: if you are not fat or thin, you may not have a normal health index. Some people who are not fat or thin have unhealthy cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar, bone mineral density and other indicators.

if you don't exercise, your body structure is unhealthy, the ratio of muscle to fat is wrong, and it will also affect your health.


misunderstanding: strenuous exercise once a week

Wang Longde: a large number of strenuous exercise can not replace the fitness results brought about by other days of exercise. People who are used to sedentary life have the greatest risk of acute myocardial infarction when they suddenly make strenuous physical activity.

exercise must be done step by step and often.



Wang Longde: there is less oxygen in the air in the morning, especially in the woods, because plants absorb oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide at night; cold in winter, it will stimulate the body, induce vasospasm, and increase emergencies.

in addition, the blood viscosity in the early morning is high, the blood pressure is easy to rise, and the morning is still the "devil time" for diseases such as stroke and infarction.

4-5pm is the most suitable time of day for exercise, and office workers can start to exercise half an hour after dinner.


misunderstanding that mountain climbing is the best exercise

Wang Longde: people's old legs get old first, and they carry a lot of weight when climbing, because the process of a leg from bending to straightening will cause some joints to break, or articular cartilage softening, and excessive weight-bearing activities will accelerate its degradation and wear.

Middle-aged and elderly people try to climb mountains and buildings as little as possible.


myth: if you eat less, you can lose weight

Wang Longde: eating less can only affect the immune function, and the weight will rebound. To lose weight scientifically is not to go on a diet or not, but to pay attention to a scientific diet and long-term adherence to reasonable exercise.

by taking shortcuts to lose weight, the loss outweighs the gain.


misunderstanding that local exercise can reduce waist

Wang Longde: exercise is a process that changes the metabolism of the whole body. Exercise consumes visceral fat first, then subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is also consumed in places with more blood flow, such as limbs, cheeks and so on.

only by doing full-body exercise can you consume fat, and it must take more than 20 minutes at a time. You can't lose weight after a short period of exercise, and local exercise can't lose fat.


A large amount of sweating can lead to weight loss

Wang Longde: the water in the human body is mainly in body fluids and muscle cells, not in fat cells. After sweating a lot, there will be a sense of thirst, resulting in a lot of water, and then quickly restore the original body weight.

the advantage of perspiration is that it can take away part of the metabolic waste, but it is impossible to lose weight by sweating a lot without exercising properly.


-sit-in exercise

the Lancet, an international medical journal, published a follow-up and analysis of the health data of 416000 people for an average of 8 years. It was found that exercising for a quarter of an hour a day, you can live an average of three more years.

A person is extremely irresponsible to himself if he can't even spare 15 minutes. Of course, the suggestion is that the daily amount of exercise is guaranteed for 15 minutes, and it is best to stick to 40 to 60 minutes.

Health is one thing.Industry, wealth, marriage and fame are all zeros. With the first one, the latter zero is valuable. If the first one is gone, there is no point in having more zeros.