Rules (must be read in this life)

Rules (must be read in this life)

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what are rules?

the rule is discretion, bottom line, and character.

as the ancients said, "there is no square without rules."

living in the world, interacting with others and self-cultivation are inseparable from rules everywhere.



A sense of division is particularly important in dealing with the world.

in life, some people are neither deep nor shallow, neither high nor inferior, nor properly understood.

always regard outspoken speech as straightforward, never speaking according to the occasion, regardless of importance, and causing embarrassment.

do not realize that words that do not take into account the feelings of others will eventually lay the root of trouble for themselves.

Are you looking for cheap summer gowns for brides, which is within your reach, which make you a spot? Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

people like this will be bored and spurned wherever they go.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen:

"leave half a sentence on the edge of your mouth and give way to three points when it comes to the end of the matter; if you are full of worldly sophistication, don't open your mouth, but nod."

talking to people, no matter how good the topic is, it is taboo to chatter endlessly, and speaking too long will only reduce the interest of chatting.

A loss of propriety in speech and behavior will only expose one's own vulgarity, shallowness and arrogance.

A long speech is not as good as enough, and it is better to be eloquent than concise.

"Silence is golden". Timely silence is not only self-cultivation, but also the realm.


the rule is a bottom line

"Han Feizi" has a saying:

in life, rules are indispensable in everyone's heart, in which there is a person's bottom line and principle.

if a person loses his moral bottom line, he is no different from a lower animal in human skin.

such people will do evil things because they are poor, and they will also develop a sinister and cunning heart because of suffering.

day after day, ignoring their conscience to sell the bottom line, let their own life into a dark dead end.

writer Feng Jicai said:

people who have no bottom line, no matter how much they have, are doomed to fail.

on the contrary, those who always stick to the bottom line, even if they are poor, are spiritually rich.

Tao Yuanming, China's first pastoral poet, was brilliant, but he hovered between official and farming, and later simply retired to the countryside. All this stems from his unwillingness to break his bottom line.

Tao Yuanming is honest and honest, never clinging to power or flattery.

instead, he chose to stick to his principles all his life, endow his talents in poetry and remain immortal.

people can be magnanimous and innocent only if they live in the world and have a bottom line in their hearts.



Zeng Guofan's younger brother Zeng Guoquan is full of knowledge and ability, but it is a pity that he is a man of talent but no virtue.

he could have made a breakthrough by virtue of his own ability, but he chose to take bribes and pervert the law and ruin his future. Things like this are not alone. In life, such things are numerous.

in order to save money, Yang, an engineer with a bright future, was criminally detained by the police after evading tickets 480 times and ruined his life.

No matter how strong the ability is, it is not worth mentioning in front of character.

as the ancients said: goodness is like water, and virtue is loaded with things.

behave, conduct is naturally correct, no matter how narrow the road ahead, you can walk wider and wider.

on the contrary, those who are bent on taking shortcuts will sooner or later be ruined in their own minds.

those who ignore the rules are doomed to make a move.

Huai Nan Zi said:

there are national laws, family rules, born human beings, do not ignore the rules.

everyone's heart ruler should be used to measure themselves.

"No shame on the sky, no shame on the man, no shame on the inside", three provinces a day, self-improvement, is the respect for life.