The best love for children is when parents fall in love.

The best love for children is when parents fall in love.

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Zhihu has a question and answer: "what's the difference between children who grow up in families where their parents love each other and those who don't love each other?"

among them, there is a high praise answer:

Children growing up in families where their parents love each other are easy to make friends, are always confident and optimistic, and see the world full of sunshine.

and children who grow up in families whose parents do not love each other always find life boring. Due to the lack of warmth for a long time, the character becomes sensitive and paranoid and does not feel the meaning of being alive.

it looks like sunshine on the beach on one side and moss in the mountains on the other.

lucky people are cured by childhood all their lives, and unlucky people are cured by childhood all their lives.

A family whose parents do not love each other is the source of all misfortune, of which the innocent victims are children.

A family in which parents fall in love is not only responsible to their partner, but also the best gift for their children's life.


when I came home last Mid-Autumn Festival, my cousin quarreled with my aunt again at the dinner table.

the same old topic: urging for marriage.

cousin will be 35 next month, but she is still single and refuses to go on a blind date.

Auntie angrily pointed at her cousin and said:

cousin suddenly lost control and roared at her aunt:

Auntie was stupefied for a moment, then covered her face and began to cry.

from the beginning of my impression, the relationship between aunt and husband has not been good.

the two often quarrel or even fight because of money, cheating and so on.

once, I went to my aunt's house to play and slept with my cousin. I was awakened in the middle of the night by the noise and crying coming from the living room.

I asked my cousin what was going on outside, and she said "nothing" to me faintly, then covered my ears and told me to sleep quickly.

when the sound outside gradually died down, she opened the door and picked up the mess silently.

later, I learned that my cousin had long been used to such a scene.

my cousin likes school because it allows her to escape from her family temporarily.

cousin studies well and has a strong ability to work, and she likes to be recognized and envied by others.

because it can balance the insecurity caused by family unhappiness.

ever since she was a child, her parents always said to her in turn, "if it hadn't been for you, I would have been divorced."

she is cautious at home, lonely and indifferent outside, and feels that she does not deserve to love, let alone to be loved.

it is said that the harm caused by the original family may accompany the child for the rest of his life.

in a family without love, the pain is not only for both parties, but also for the children behind them.

many adults always think that their children are still young and don't care about the relationship between their parents.

but in fact, children know best whether parents have a good relationship or not.

living in unharmonious families for a long time, some children lack sense of security inside, so they will become cautious, sensitive and fragile;

some children will become resistant to marriage and think that marriage is a war;

even, some children will become violent or paranoid, unwittingly, become parents, painful life.


educator Dewey once said:

A good marriage will not only nourish the spiritual world of children, but also convey enough love and sense of security.

the love of Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu is admired by everyone, and their relationship has also brought a positive impact on their daughter Qian Kui.

Mr. Yang Jiang wrote in our money

once they took their daughter to a restaurant.

because you are dear to each other, I think I am a very lucky child.

Qian Li, who grew up in the environment where his parents fell in love, learned what love is and how to love.

although she has had a rough life, both marriages are love and happiness.

especially when she started a new family with her second husband, Yang Weicheng, the son of Yang Weicheng and his ex-wife was already 18 years old and was in a rebellious period.

however, Qian Yi, who became a stepmother, won the love of Yang Weicheng's two children with his own love.

after Qian Jing's death, her stepdaughter and stepson wrote respectively to remember:

as Wu Zhihong, a psychological counselor, said in Why the Family hurts people:

"Love is constantly passed on in such a cycle, from our original family to our newborn family.

the way we get along with our lovers is to repeat the way we get along with our parents. Happy people repeat happiness, while miserable people repeat pain. "

only when you have seen what a good relationship is like, do you know how to manage love correctly and healthily.

it is precisely because we understand love that we know all the good qualities such as respect and kindness, and treat the world in a gentle way.


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there used to be a hot topic: "what kind of experience is it to watch parents show love?"

there are a variety of messages below.

@ Love to dream:

every time my father comes home: where is your mother?

every time my mom comes home: where's your dad?

once, my father shouted, "Honey."

I replied, "what do you want me to do?"

my father said, "who called you? I called your mother."

@ Morning Dawn:

Dad's cooking has always been terrible, but he fried pig liver very well. And then one day, I had no intentionWhen I saw that it was good to eat pig liver with anemia, I remembered that my mother was iron deficiency anemia, so I knew what love is.

@ Lulu:

one noon, I went to my parents' room to look for something and found two people who were taking a nap with their fingers clasped.

@ fructose

@ fructose:

because of parental love, children have a reference template for happiness.

because with love and sense of security, children have more courage to overcome all the ups and downs on their way to growth.

the best home in the world is that Dad loves Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad love me, and I love Mom and Dad.

although we can't choose what kind of family we were born in, we can choose what kind of parents we are.

Please forget how to love in your busy life and never give up expressing "love".

nourish your lover with love and tenderness, as well as your children.

Don't forget that you are the future home of your child.