The highest kind is to learn empathy.

The highest kind is to learn empathy.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

give to others what you want. Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

kindness is a noble quality of a person. As the saying goes, "those who love and return, those who go back are blessed." most of the kind-hearted people are lucky.

but some people have said that excessive kindness will destroy us, and our kindness should be very expensive.

in fact, it all makes sense.

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and I think that only those who can empathize can grasp the measure of kindness and be kind to others in an appropriate way.

the highest kindness, you must learn to sympathize.


there is such a story in Genius on the left and the madman on the right.

there is a mental patient who thinks he is a mushroom, so he squats in the corner and does not eat or drink every day, just like a real mushroom.

what should we do if we treat him?

We might say: you are not a mushroom, get up quickly.

We may say it a hundred times or even drag him up, and the patient must still be indifferent and motionless to make his own mushroom.

this is what the real psychiatrist does:

he also holds an umbrella and squats next to the patient.

the patient asked strangely: who are you?

the doctor replied: I am a mushroom.

the patient nodded and continued to be his mushroom.

squatted for a while, and the doctor stood up and walked for a while.

the patient asked puzzled: how can you move if you are a mushroom?

the doctor said: mushrooms can also move.

he said, Oh, it turns out that making mushrooms can also be moved.

so he followed.

then the doctor started eating, and he asked, "how can you eat?"

the doctor replied: how do mushrooms grow up if they don't eat?

the patient felt right and began to eat.

in a few weeks, this person will be able to live like a normal person.

this story can give us a lesson:

and he must have the ability to make his life happy again.

learn empathy so that you can touch the softness of other people's hearts and really help others with your own kindness.


I have a friend who is well-connected, well-connected, and very good at taking care of people.

when he started his business that year, there was help in all directions.

We asked him how to "practice", and he told such a story.

moved to a new house in high school, and the man next door is a policeman.

one day in the third year of high school, the policeman was killed in the line of duty. All that's left is the 10-year-old son and the mother.

before he came home from school, he never took the key and would ask his father to open the door. His father will be home early from work.

after the neighbor policeman passed away, his father specifically told him that you should bring your own key to open the door in the future. Don't ask your father to open it for you.

my friend was at a loss and asked why.

Dad said: when you call Dad, it will be hard for the little boy next door to hear it.

from then on, he knew that there was something others did not want to mention, or something uncomfortable, he would deliberately avoid it, and he would apologize immediately if he mentioned it carelessly.

if someone accidentally mentions it together, it will also help others break the deadlock.

Father's empathy was passed on to him.

everything is considerate of others, which is why he has so many bosom friends and people are willing to cooperate with him.

Learning empathy can make kindness more considerate.

and kind-hearted people are blessed and lucky.


he reminds me of another thing.

at noon one day during the primary school winter vacation, there came a beggar with a chemical fertilizer bag and a broken porcelain bowl in front of his home. His clothes were dirty, but his face was relatively clean.

when he saw us eating, he asked if we could give him something to eat or drink, or even brush the pot water. Outside the car lay his seriously ill wife.

it just so happens that a neighbor called in our house and said that he would give a leftover steamed bread and let him walk and so on.

but Grandma put down her chopsticks and told her mother to give him half of the steamed bread that had just come out of the pot, and let his father give them some money.

the man took the steamed bread and insisted that it was free.

at last my father forced the money on him.

the neighbors are confused and keep making sarcastic remarks, saying that we are really rich and so on.

Grandma sighed, saying that she had begged for food in order to support her father and aunt's children.

it was famine at that time, and the bark was eaten, so it would be nice to eat taro leaves during the Spring Festival.

what impressed her most was that the family gave her a corn nest.

this incident had a great impact on me when I was young, and I remembered it for the rest of my life.

most of the time, when you sympathize with others, you are actually sympathizing with yourself.

the highest kindness must learn to sympathize.

give to others what you want.

share with you.