The last moments in 2020 taught me nine truths about life.

The last moments in 2020 taught me nine truths about life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A few days ago, a college classmate I hadn't seen for years posted a circle of friends.

A picture of a dark street before dawn, with the caption:

"the last moments of the year. I got up early in the morning, and it was dark and dark, just like the year 2020 was about to pass. "


if you sum up the year in one word, I'm afraid it's "difficult".

No other year has brought us so many changes.

but there has never been a year in which we have grown so much.

in this special year, I summed up nine truths about life.


in fact, you have seen a lot of people for the last time

Kundera said:

"this is a world where fashion leaves, and none of us are good at farewell."

from COVID-19 at the beginning of the year to the Liangshan fire and tanker explosion in the first half of the year, the railway bridge collapsed not long ago.

in 2020, what we see most is parting, and what we hear most is cherish.

I always think that my life is very long, even if I ignore it now, I still have time to make it up in the future.

only after experience do I know that when an accident comes, I never say hello to anyone.

time never waits for anyone, and neither do those you love.

if loss is an inevitable fate, stop saying that there is a long time to come.

whether family or friends, don't quarrel when you can hug and don't hesitate to be with you.

live in the moment, love hard, just meet each other, leave no regrets.


without good health, everything is zero

see a question on the Internet: what is your biggest harvest in 2020?

the high praise answer has only eight simple words: everything is health-centered.

this year, the cunning virus swept the world and sounded a wake-up call for our health.

Don't always feel good staying up late, think about how painful it is once you get sick.

Don't always find exercise hard. Look at how thick the ICU bill is.

in this life, everything else is fleeting except life and death.

in the new year, stop making blank checks for your health.

go to bed early and get up early, eat on time, keep exercising and be happy.

your good luck is hidden in your good habits.


put down face so that you can live a good life

from Vice President SUNING's "selling underwear" in moments to Luo Yonghao's live show of "True return".

and then to "set up a stall together", a joke has become a new livelihood for many people.

since the beginning of the year, our perception of survival and dignity has been subverted again and again.

I used to think that people live for a face, and never disdain to bend over for a few buckets of rice.

Feel extremely enchanting in sophisticated mother of the bride dresses. We have a huge range of styles and cuts to choose from.

now I find out that face is an embroidered pillow in front of survival.

there is a good saying: "the weak care about face, and the strong live to be insiders."

in the barren years of life, putting aside face and shouldering responsibility is the warrior of life.

keep down and earn broken silver in order to protect your family and pave the way for a long back.

maybe you're still having a hard time, and you look a little embarrassed.

but the way you struggle to earn money to support your family is really beautiful.


spend money for a while, save money for a lifetime

"comedies in the world can be produced without money, but most tragedies have something to do with money."

the sudden epidemic put life on the brakes, and Sanmao's sentence has been verified over and over again.

there has never been a year like 2020 that makes people so aware of the value of deposits.

someone joked: "there is no retaliatory consumption after the epidemic, but retaliatory savings."

after unpacking, there is no imaginary "buy and buy", but more "storage" after careful consideration. "

from the Internet to reality, there are too many accidents, large and small.

more and more people are beginning to realize the absurdity of the phrase "have a good time".

the fashion trend is constantly changing, and things are no longer fresh when they are in hand.

the pleasure of spending money is always fleeting.

the sense of security brought by the account balance is always the strength to resist disease, risk and the unknown.

how many ups and downs in life, if you have money in your pocket, you won't panic.


the era abandoned you long before saying hello

this year, Victoria's Secret went bankrupt and Disney laid off staff. The bad news that followed made people sad.

A teardrop of the era falls on everyone is a storm.

some people walk all the way, while others run aground on the beach.

in fact, fate laid the groundwork long before 2020.

"the world is improving every minute, and your stagnation is a step backwards."

the era said hello to you long before it abandoned you.