The most useless behavior is to be reasonable

The most useless behavior is to be reasonable

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We often say: convince people with reason.

No matter what you do or do, you can't escape the word "reason".

but everyone has his own reason.

the truth cannot be explained in three or two sentences.

Zhuangzi said: summer worms can't talk about ice.

most of the time, reasoning is a waste of time and breath.


different levels, some people stand on the top of the mountain and see the magnificent mountains and rivers in the distance and the scenery is vast.

some people stand on the roof and can only see the rubbish downstairs and the floor is a mess.

people at different levels see different landscapes, and their communication is doomed to be futile.

in Zhuangzi, there was a man named Shi Chengqi who admired Laozi's theory, so he traveled thousands of miles to visit Laozi.

when I got to the place, I was very disappointed to see that Laozi was not handsome and lived in a mess.

Shi Chengqi said: people say you are a saint, but I think you are more like a mouse.

Laozi glanced at him, bowed his head and continued to read his book, ignoring him completely.

Shi Chengqi had to go.

the next day, Shi Chengqi thought he had gone too far and came to apologize to Laozi.

who knows what Laozi said to him:

what you say, what you say, can neither affect me nor change me.

the way of saints, do not fight for it.

those who are full of heart don't care what others think.

they don't have to reason with others because of what outsiders say.

keep silent and do your own thing well, can one really achieve something.


interests are different. In truth,

Sima Qian said:

pursuing profit is not only human nature, but also the law of society.

No matter how much reason and feelings, if there is no profit, no one is willing to follow.

different people have different interests, and different interests have different views and positions.

so very often, what seems to be fighting for truth is actually for interests.

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the three Kingdoms stood together, and the disputes between Wei, Shu and Wu continued.

Cao Cao was very powerful, and the states of Shu and Wu joined forces to resist Cao Cao in Chibi.

at that time, Wu Shu called Cao Cao "Han thief".

after the victory in the Battle of Chibi, Cao Cao suffered a great loss of vitality, and the State of Shu became a major worry for the State of Wu.

because of the important areas of Jingzhou, the Kingdom of Wu and Shu competed repeatedly.

in order to retake Jingzhou, Sun Quan took the initiative to cooperate with the State of Wei, calling Cao Cao "Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty".

with the ally of the State of Wei, Guan Yunchang lost Jingzhou and lost Maicheng.

in theory, the states of Shu and Wu are allies, and it makes no sense to attack allies.

but the "Jingzhou" of Shu always refuses to return it, and it doesn't make sense to play scoundrels.

most of the time, it is useless to tell the truth.

different interests and different ideas.

if it doesn't make sense, think about it from a different point of view.


the situation is different, the reason is different

the situation of people is different, the scope of application of truth is also different.

not all principles can be applied everywhere.

the situation is different, the situation is not the same, the reason is not the same.

A piglet, a sheep and a dairy cow are kept in the same corral.

once, the shepherd caught the piglet, which howled loudly and resisted violently.

the sheep and cows hated its howling and said, "he often catches us, but we don't make a fuss."

Piglet replied:

it is difficult to empathize with people.

Don't judge others by your own truth.

because you don't know other people's past, you don't understand what other people are going through.

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learning to shut up and keep silent is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of self-cultivation.


between families, unreasonable

families live together, and there is no spoon without touching the edge of the pot.

it is difficult for honest officials to break household chores. Family relationships are the most intimate and the most difficult to reason with.

Home is the place where everyone settles down, and it is the sustenance and destination of emotion. A place like

is unreasonable.

if you pay too much attention to the right or wrong of reason, you will lose the warmth and warmth of home.

once upon a time there was a rich man drunk outside the villa.

the security guard said, "Sir, let me help you home!"

the rich man asked the security guard, "Home?!" Where is my home? "

the security guard was puzzled, pointed to the villa not far away and said, "isn't that your home?"

the rich man pointed to his heart, pointed to the luxury villa not far away, and solemnly replied, "that's not my home, that's just my house."

Home is not a collection of material, not a villa, not a house, not a decoration.

Home is an aggregate of love, gathering for love and breaking up without love.

as long as families care for each other and love each other, home is our harbor.

Don't reason at home, don't always argue about right and wrong at home, that will only make love and love disappear a little bit.

the ancients said, "if you speak, you will know; if you speak silently, you will know."

Don't impose your own views on others, and don't be reasonable in a sentimental place.

people spend half their lives and gradually understand that it is also a kind of wisdom to keep silent.Hui.