The only person in the world you dare to offend.

The only person in the world you dare to offend.

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I read a story and was deeply impressed:

A couple often quarreled in the middle of the night, so loudly that the neighbors couldn't sleep. Finally, one night, the neighbor couldn't stand it any longer and was about to go out to complain.

just then, I heard the husband's old mother coming. she pulled her son from the house into the corridor and reproached, "Why are you the same at home and the same outside?"

the man said, "Mom, I'm tired. I yelled to my boss that the boss would fire me; if I shouted to my clients, the business would not be done. Mom, if I come home and be a good person, I will go crazy! "

Mother said, "if you offend your boss or customer, all you lose is a job or an order." But if you offend your wife, you may lose a home and a lifetime of happiness. "

the man was silent for a few seconds, and the mother continued, "but there is one person you can offend, and that is me." If you want to get bored, tired and want to swear, don't yell at your wife, just call your mother. Mom is willing to listen. "

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it turns out that the only people in the world who dare to offend are their parents.


in this world, only parents, no matter how capricious their children are, dare to offend you; no matter how difficult they are, they will always be your backers; if they are down and out again, they will be willing to give you support.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "Father gives birth to me, mother bows me, caresses me, stores me, grows me, raises me, takes care of me, answers me."

in this world, there are only parents who love you regardless of everything, asking for nothing in return, from small to big, from birth to death, consistent.

parents' love for their children cannot be repaid for the rest of their lives.

there is a thought-provoking story:

A father said to his son, "your grandfather is old, he can't take care of himself, and there's no point in living. Go up the mountain and throw him away tonight."

as night fell, father and son packed the sleeping old man in baskets and walked a long way to the top of the mountain. They put the old man down and prepared to go down the mountain.

at this time, the son wanted to take the basket away and said, "in the future, when you are old, I will load you up the mountain with this basket and throw it away."

my father woke up from a dream, so he took the old man down the mountain, but it was so dark that they walked for a long time and could not find their way.

later, the old man woke up and found their way down the mountain.

parents are always like this, willing to give everything they have for their children, without reservation, and never think of themselves first.

"you grow up with me, I grow old with you". In this world, only our parents love us unreservedly. When your parents are old, don't forget to be kind and grateful.

when our parents are old, we must be more patient, just like our parents tolerated us in childhood.


to see what a person looks like, look at his attitude towards his parents.

gratitude is the bottom line of one's conscience. If you lose the least gratitude to your parents, then this person is no different from an animal.

as the saying goes, "filial piety comes first."

imagine that if you can't love and take care of your closest family, if you don't expect him to help you when he is in trouble, it's hard to guarantee that he won't be cynical and add fuel to the fire behind his back.

to be kind to parents, there are not only filial piety and kindness, but also the character of establishing the world and being a human being.

Yang Zhanyu wrote in his record of time:

the people in the world who are most kind to us are our parents, which are worthy of our lifetime to repay.

Children want to support but not wait for their parents, accompany their parents and be filial to their parents before it is too late.

while your parents are still around, be sure to give them a big hug and say to them, "I will always love you."