To raise a daughter, these four things must be done by the father.

To raise a daughter, these four things must be done by the father.

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recently, I reviewed my debut film "me and Dad" directed by Xu Jinglei and was impressed by one of the plots.

Dad was sentenced to three years in prison for running a bar illegally.

in the three years when her father was absent, the daughter made many failed choices:

found a man with soft food, gave up her job and went to other places just to get married.

by the time her father got out of prison, the daughter had decided to marry far away.

her father reminded her again and again to persuade her to give up:

but the daughter was so stubborn that she refused.

seeing that he was powerless to stop it, the father said a touching word:

sure enough, a few years later, his daughter's marriage failed, and she was mercilessly abandoned by her husband when she was pregnant.

however, without escape or despair, she bravely chose to go home.

just because she remembered what her father said before she left.

as the daughter expected, instead of blaming and disappointed, the father celebrated with joy that he had picked up a granddaughter.

full of fatherly love, the daughter quickly got up from the emotional quagmire and found herself again.

it is hard to imagine how painful it would have been for the girl to be abandoned with pregnancy without her father's unconditional support.

psychologist Spencer once pointed out:

A girl wants to have a bright and happy future, the power of her father should not be underestimated.

if there is a girl in the family, the father must give his daughter the strength and courage that only the father can give.

these four things must be done by my father himself.


exercise with your daughter

in the stereotype of many parents, it seems that boys are naturally more interested in sports than girls.

but this is not always the case. There are far more men than women among the underexercised Chinese, according to a study in the Lancet, a well-known British science magazine.

in fact, girls are just different from boys' favorite sports.

most boys yearn for exciting and passionate power sports, while girls prefer some light and flexible sports, such as dancing, gymnastics, playing badminton and so on.

Let the father accompany his daughter to exercise, which can play a supplementary effect.

A father's sense of strength will bring more sense of security to his daughter, making her braver and more persistent in sports.

as many people know, Tian Liang often takes his daughter Mori to exercise.

daughter Sen Pan kept dribbling on the court to practice her physical fitness. Tian Liang supervised and encouraged her, jokingly saying, "I want to be my daughter's first fan."

put on a parent-child ball suit, play football with your daughter, keep fit to tease the kids, and see which of them is good at playing ball.

you can also exercise at home. The daughter sat on the yoga ball and passed the ball to Tian Liang, and the happy time slipped away.

not only Tian Liang, but also Wu Yanzu, the national male god, also likes to run with his daughter.

Dad ran with sweat, and his daughter was holding the treadmill, trying to follow in her father's footsteps. Look at the scene, it's very cute.

psychologically, fathers often accompany their daughters to do sports, the relationship between father and daughter is more harmonious, and in sports interaction, the daughter's character will become more sunny and more optimistic.

so, dads, usually accompany your daughter to exercise more when you are free.

A daughter who has a father to accompany her in sports is the happiest child in the world.


losing several competitions to my daughter on Douyin, you can often see all kinds of funny competitions between father and daughter.

the results are surprisingly consistent. The daughter wins and the father loses.

there is a trampoline competition. My daughter jumps as hard as she can, but my father deliberately falls when he is about to win.

there was a split competition. The daughter stretched out her legs as soon as she had a good physical foundation, but her father was old and could not break them, so she sat down with her legs bent.

there is a running race, in which the woman is as light as a swallow and runs quickly, while my father runs very slowly with small steps. At first glance, it was intentional. The funny thing behind

is that fathers are full of careful machines.

in the eyes of daughters, fathers often assume the role of "hero", symbolizing strength and authority.

in childhood, letting a daughter beat her father several times will greatly boost a girl's self-confidence.

the University of Michigan has spent 50 years investigating the impact of father's education on daughters. 43% of girls believe that self-confidence also comes from their fathers' appreciation and encouragement.

think about it. When his daughter wins the father he has always admired, the father gives her a thumbs up and praises her:

how satisfied the child's sense of achievement should be!

so, dads! Have some interesting games with your daughter and let her have a taste of victory.

in companionship, you can not only enjoy a good parent-child time, but also improve the child's self-confidence. Why not?

what you lose is a few trivial games, but you may win a child's happy personality!


talk "nonsense" to your daughter

Wu Zhihong says that what Chinese parents lack most is the ability to talk "nonsense" to their children.

compared with mothers who are responsible for the details of their children's daily life, most fathers are busy working all day to support their families and spend less time with them, so this is more lacking.

psychologist he Lingfeng has shared his parenting experience.

when my daughter is studying abroad, she occasionally calls in the evening. It would be nice if father and daughter can talk for half an hour.But he and his daughter can chat for three or four hours like good friends.

moreover, what we are talking about is basically nonsense.

for example, he would jokingly ask his daughter how many boys had been chasing her recently and asked his daughter to introduce the situation, and then he Lingfeng talked about how he felt when he fell in love.

some parents may ask, "what nonsense are you talking about with your daughter?"

he Lingfeng explains:

moreover, a study by Harvard University shows that

90% of children's problems are related to the lack of father's education.

this kind of unestranged gossip can quickly grow the relationship between father and daughter, so that children can be invisibly inspired by their father.

so, dads! Talk more nonsense to your children!

in education, words that seem to be "useless" sometimes work best!


teach the daughter how to choose a mate

the father, as the most important male role in his daughter's life, has a unique influence on his daughter's mate.

A study shows that more than 65% of mothers find that their son-in-law is the same as their husband, and 15% of girls choose a partner who is completely different from their father.

it can be said that the father is the first reference for the daughter to choose a mate.

there is a theory of "role interaction" in psychology, which points out that

the father's attitude towards his daughter enables her to judge whether she is attractive to the opposite sex.

and the father's attitude towards his wife can directly influence his daughter's choice of husband in the future.

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therefore, compared with mothers, fathers teach their daughters how to choose a mate, which is absolutely persuasive.

Wu Zun and his wife have been in love for 24 years, but they are always the same.

at the end of every day's work, he will share every bit of what happened on the set with his wife to keep his wife from thinking.

in this regard, in an interview program, Wu Zun said emotionally:

"if I am very unfaithful and unkind to my wife, if my daughter meets a" scum man "in the future, that person will say, your father will do the same.

I hope my daughter can proudly say, 'look at the feelings of my parents'. "

just like the saying in "raising a Girl":

in a sense, a father is actually the "embryonic form" of his daughter's future husband.

if the father loves his daughter and takes care of his mother, then the daughter will understand that I can have such a happy life.

only girls who are often "sweet" will not pay foolishly for the rest of their lives because of the "candy" of the opposite sex.

the Jews said, "A father is called a father not because he gives birth to a child, but because he educates his child."

the healthy growth of a girl is inseparable from not only the careful care of her mother, but also the companionship and love of her father.

if you are the father of a daughter, please try to set a good example.