What is the saddest hurdle in life? (big truth)

What is the saddest hurdle in life? (big truth)

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in this life,

the most difficult thing to adhere to is self-discipline;

is the most difficult to change habits;

the most difficult to last is life.

in this life,

the most difficult thing to force is sincerity;

the most difficult thing to deal with is the relationship;

the most difficult thing is to forget.

the saddest hurdle in life,

is not the loss of money,

is not the sudden change of life,

but the heart!


heart, attitude is different, feel different, can be big or small,

heart is big, can contain everything,

heart is small, but care everywhere.

if the mind is relaxed, it will be beautiful everywhere, while

if the mind is narrow, it will be cloudy. The attitude of

heart determines people's feelings.

people with a broad heart feel happiness, while those with a narrow heart feel all pain.


Heart, content is different, life is different like a container.

what you install, you get.

if you pretend to be kind, you will be praised.

you will be spurned if you pretend to be malicious.

if you pretend to be content, you will have no desire and worry, and

you will be exhausted when you pretend to be greedy.

Heart, what to tolerate, what to get,

to allow good things, the scenery of life,  tolerance of evil and bad things, life is difficult step by step.


mind, you can't figure it out. Different aspects of conduct come from the heart.

A person's heart is as good as his heart is.

those who are kind-hearted, those with good conduct, and those with bad heart

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have bad conduct.

those who are sincere are gentle, and

those who are hypocritical are mean to others.

if you think about good things,

you will not do evil if you have a good character.

if all you think about is calculation,

is bad, deceiving and deceiving.

in this life,

the saddest hurdle is the heart, and

the most important thing to practice is the heart.

if you fix your heart, your character will be good.

relax your heart and everything will be all right.

cultivate a good heart, be a good person,

will be loved by people.

less care, more indifferent,

will certainly be liked by people.

Life is short and the rest of life is not long.  repair your heart and don't be evil;

take care of your heart and don't be too greedy;

keep your heart and don't complain all the time;

protect your heart and don't get hurt.

when you cross the heart, there will be no burden,

when you untie the heart knot, you will no longer be pessimistic!