When you find it difficult, do it!

When you find it difficult, do it!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A person's best living condition:

there is some money in the bag and a book in hand.

whenever I have a bad time, I always think of some sentences I have read in a book:

think about this sentence and get over it.

I love reading, maybe it is for the words that come to mind and give you the courage to continue to ride the wind and waves in your life.


when fragile, reading is a kind of redemption

Yang Jiang said:

Reading is like a beam of light in the dark, a spark in the cold, not only warm, but also warm.

Reading is a kind of redemption, which can make the mind grow up slowly, become flexible and strong.

when Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing divorced, it caused a great sensation.

remarks suddenly pushed her to the forefront of the wind and waves, and many people attacked and insulted her verbally.

she was on the verge of collapse and even needed to see a psychiatrist.

then she decided to stop working and just read.

she said:

"God gives me words, reading, and feeling. I believe that being honest with my problems and bravely sharing them with others is the healthiest state."

everyone has considerable confusion in life, and we all want someone to lead us, love us, and help us figure out the answer.

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and reading leads me to the answer. "

Haizi's poems give her strength to understand that life is good and bad, but as long as she doesn't give up, there will eventually be a day of "spring blossoms facing the sea".

in the worst situation of her life, it was reading to help her tide over the robbery.

Smart people can save themselves when they are in trouble, and the best way to save themselves is to read books.


when lonely, reading is a kind of enjoyment

Assang sings in the song: loneliness is a person's carnival. It builds a bridge that allows you to meet a better self.

in the eyes of many people, "Solitude" may have nothing to do with young writer Liu Tong: he is a 33-year-old vice president of Light Media and is quite successful in his career.

but like most post-80s generation, he has also experienced the confusion of youth and the hesitation of choosing a job.

for a long time, he could not bear to be lonely, repeatedly succumbed to compromise and ingratiated with others, resulting in a docking relationship on the surface, but still could not escape the snub on the inside.

after that, he left all his time to himself, set goals, recharge his reading and writing, and spend a period of time alone.

in the face of loneliness, he went through the mental path from fear, understanding to acceptance.

Liu Tong said with deep feeling:

"loneliness is the life I want.

I used to think that loneliness means talking to myself, but now I think that loneliness means that I even forget to talk to myself.

I once thought that loneliness meant that I was the only one left in the world. Now I think that loneliness means that I can become a world. "

he reveled in the magic of words and regarded the protagonist in the book as his friend and confidant.

because the people and words in the book understand his pain and helplessness, relieve his loneliness, and bring courage to wait for dawn and determination to wait for hope.

unexpectedly, the love of reading when he was alone turned out to be the opposite of him.

he has successively published books such as "your Solitude, though your defeat is glorious", "whose Youth is not lost", "one person is alone" and other books, and has become a best-selling author.

every stage of our life is accompanied by loneliness, accept loneliness, not disturb its heart, not afraid to move forward, you will not worry about yourself because of boredom, feel sorry for yourself because of loneliness, and your life will be rich and upward from now on.

Reading is enriching yourself in another quiet way.

when we encounter difficulties in the past, we always take it for granted that we will have parents and friends to face it with us.

but life is long, and then there is a long way for us to walk alone. But it is the unaccompanied loneliness that drives us to grow up.

We read because we are lonely, and we are no longer lonely because of reading.

Reading is sometimes a meeting between soul and soul, as well as the ability to resist loneliness. With the support of books, loneliness has become a kind of enjoyment of life.

Dear lonely friends, books are your best companions, which can drive away loneliness, increase knowledge, and make you more perfect.

so, when you are lonely, fall in love with reading!


when helpless, reading is a force

if there is one force that keeps people going, it is the power of reading;

if there is a power that can make people confident and brave, it is the power of reading.

A night listener once shared with me a story about her love of reading: